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April 29, 2010

Potato Soup Recipe

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This soup is great when we’re low on cash, it’s filling, warm, gooey, and comforting.  I am NOT saying that it’s low-fat.

Okay, please forgive my lack of measurements.  I tend to add something until it “looks right” or “tastes right”.  Just keep tasting things as you go and adjust the seasonings to your taste.  This is a VERY forgiving recipe.

Potatoes: Yukon gold potatoes are the best (but more expensive), Red potatoes are a close second, but any old potatoes will do in a pinch.  I’ve even made this soup with a few potatoes of different varieties, and it turned out really good.  The quantity?  umm…  depends on how much soup you want to make.  I make a pretty big pot, cuz this stuff is really good left over.  So…  2-3 pounds?  Wash them, peel them, cut them up (not too small… 1 to 1.5 inch dice), put them in the pot with some salt and cover them with water.  (At this point, I hope you have a good soup pot with a decently heavy bottom).   Cook until fork tender, but not falling apart.  Also, carrots are nice to add, good flavor and they add some color.

While that’s cooking, I tend to take a package of bacon and cut it into bite-sized pieces.  (Use kitchen shears, it’s easier.) Dice up some onions – One large one or two mediums.  If you like celery, and have some on hand, slice it up too.

When your potatoes are done, drain them in a colander and sit them aside for a few minutes.  They’ll stay hot, I promise.

In the same pot, don’t bother washing it, just throw it back on the stove over medium heat, throw in one stick (1/2 cup) of butter or margarine (butter is better), the bacon, onions, celery and sweat it until the onions are translucent.  This means don’t cook them too fast, you don’t want them to brown, just soften.  If they do burn, it’s not going to hurt anything, the soup will still taste good.  Yes, there is both bacon fat and butter in this soup.  I said it tasted good, not that it was low-fat.

Once the onions are softened, add one can of chicken broth.  You can use vegetable stock or whatever you like if you wish.  Time to season: I use lots of black pepper, parsley, and a little garlic powder.  You salted the potatoes already, and bacon is salty enough, and chicken broth is usually pretty salty as well, so don’t add more salt until you get it all put together and taste it.  Return the potatoes to the pot, stirring gently from here on out so they don’t fall apart on you.  Add one can of evaporated milk or just regular milk.  Bring the soup back to a simmer.  You don’t want to get up to a rolling boil from here on out or you might scald the milk, and that’s not what we’re going for.

If you like your soup “soupy”, you’re done.  Go on to the next step.  However, I like mine thick.  How to achieve this?  Instant mashed potato flakes.  Just add about a half a cup at a time until you reach the consistency you like.

Time to add CHEESE!!!  Shredded cheddar, or whatever you like.  As much as you like.  We like lots of cheese in our house.  You can either add it to the pot and let it melt or serve the cheese on the side or both.  Mmm, cheese..

That’s it.  I hope you like it.  Feel free to tweak it to your own tastes, add things, make it your own!

P.S. If you reheat it, you might need to add some more milk to loosen it back up, as it tends to thicken up a lot when refrigerated.  I haven’t tried freezing it, though.  I don’t think potatoes would freeze and thaw all that well, I don’t know.


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