Adventures of Supermommy

April 21, 2010

Lists, Goals and Priorities

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I am a list-maker.  I think I get it from my mother.  While I’m sitting there breastfeeding Aby, I can make a list of the things that need to get done on my Blackberry since Kaylee will want my paper and pencil if it’s in reach.  Once it’s all down on the list, I can prioritize what needs to get done first and let the rest slide until I have the time to do it.  Getting things crossed off the list is encouraging!  At the end of the day, you can see what all you got accomplished.

I’m also guilty of breaking down tasks into every little aspect of the job.  Instead of “Laundry”, it’s Gather laundry, Sort laundry, Wash laundry, Put away laundry, etc, because in all honestly, it might take me a few days to complete all of those steps.  I’m not totally silly about it, I don’t put things on there like going to the bathroom or feeding the kids, but it still helps me to know what is important to get done, as well as sharing the chores with your sidekick.  Big projects that are going to require help might need to be scheduled ahead of time, when you have enough hands on deck to take care of things, so having them on the list reminds you to keep those in mind when you will actually have enough people around.

Getting your priorities straight is important.  Taking care of a screaming baby or kissing a booboo is more important than loading the dishwasher.  Keeping the house safe for everybody is more important than making the bed (which I almost never do), which leads me to my next topic: Learning how to let things slide (coming soon).


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