Adventures of Supermommy

April 21, 2010

Can’t Sleep

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My brain just will not shut up.  It seems that over the past few weeks my long-dormant creative side has woken up and is making up for lost time.  Never mind the fact that I have chores to do during the day, and that I’m dog-tired during the day when I don’t get enough sleep (I do have to wake up at least once overnight to feed Aby).

I’ve recently found a website that isn’t helping with this. There’s just so many ideas on there that I can’t wait to try them.  From turning old t-shirts into dresses for the girls or myself, dresses made from pillowcases, things to make out of PVC pipe, a belt made out of ribbon scraps, tote bags…  it’s really woken up my creative side and given me a million and one ideas for other projects that I can make.  And most of it I can make from junk I’ve already got around the house or that I can get super-cheap if not free. I have a sewing machine, but I’m not the best sewer.  I know what I learned from my mom and in home-economics in high school, but that’s about it.  I hope to get better as I go along, so I’m going to pick the easiest projects to work on first, learn from my mistakes and keep going so I don’t get discouraged.  Wish me luck!

I even found directions on how to make your own laundry detergent that is gentle and super-cheap, without all the extra additives that makes brand name detergents so expensive.

I will clarify this:  I do recycle.  I’m not anal-retentive about it, though.  Recycling doesn’t cost us anything where we live, we have an extra trash can for recyclables that’s only slightly smaller than our main garbage can, and you throw it all in there (paper and pasteboard, cans and bottles, but not glass) and they sort it out themselves.  It’s no harder than throwing stuff in the trash.  So, while looking at all of this that’s not only earth-friendly–it’s cheap.  That’s the main point.  One income with two babies has us strapped, so whatever we can do to save money here and there is welcomed.  Who doesn’t want to save a little cash?  Even if we weren’t on a tight budget, I still don’t mind saving money.

I will post pictures of anything that I do get around to making if it looks good enough to not be embarrassing.


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