Adventures of Supermommy

April 19, 2010

Accepting Help and Learning How to Delegate

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Every super hero needs a sidekick and/or support staff.  Batman had Robin and don’t forget Alfred!  Ironman had Pepper to look after him.  At this point, I salute single parents.  I wouldn’t be able to do it if I were on my own.

I will be totally honest, this is my weakest point.  I see something that needs doing and I do it, even if it wears me out completely by the end of the day.  It drives my husband crazy.  I am trying to get better, I really am!  Here are  my thoughts on the matter:

1.  If it takes longer to explain how you want it done or to ask to do it, just do it yourself.

2.  If you have a particular way you want something done and your sidekick doesn’t do it the way you want it done, just do it yourself and save yourself the drama.  For example, I fold the bath towels a certain way so they’ll fit in the linen closet better.  My husband folds them differently.  Hence, I just fold the towels the way I want it done.  It doesn’t bother me to leave them in the laundry basket until I have time to fold them.

3.  If it’s easier to get someone else to do it, just ask.  It’s easier to ask my husband to stop at the store and pick up milk on his way home from work than it is to get all of us dressed and loaded up in the car and go to the store.

4.  Family members are usually glad to come over and play with the kids while you do chores.  Having someone to keep the kids out of trouble and play with them can earn you valuable time to do things.  You can still take the time out to change diapers if your helper doesn’t want to or fix them something to eat, but fifteen minutes can load the dishwasher, (or check your email, or pay bills… ) right?

5.  Divvy up the chores around the house.  What chores is your sidekick good at doing or willing to do?  If you don’t trust your sidekick to sort the laundry the way you want it done, you sort the laundry and let them do the rest.  One of you pick up the toys and the other can vacuum.


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