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April 16, 2010

Taking Care of Yourself

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You often hear the phrase “Sleep when your baby sleeps” and most mothers laugh at the principle.  It’s true.  You’re not going to be able to do anything if you’re tired and run-down, so you might as well learn to let the dishes sit in the sink until later and get a little shut-eye.  This is especially true for parents with young infants that aren’t quite sleeping through the night yet.  Healthcare providers will tell you over and over that not getting enough sleep is not good for you.  Your body needs time to rest and recuperate, they’ve done studies that you can lose weight or maintain your weight when you get enough sleep, and you’ll be able to stave off getting sick if you’re not run down.  Do the research, after you’ve had a nap.

Get yourself “dressed” at least a few times a week.  Wash your face and moisturize or whatever your skin care regiment is.  I’m not saying you’ve got to get up and wear makeup and style your hair all the time, but wear something other than pajamas or sweats all the time.  Put on some clothes that fit and flatter your figure at least a little bit like a pair of jeans that fit, and it’ll boost your self esteem.  I’m not saying wear your nicest outfit, it has to be washable of course, we’re not getting silly here.

Keep current on your medicines and doctor’s appointments.  If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your kids as well.

I’m not even going to tell you about getting exercise.  I don’t follow an exercise program, I have a toddler and an infant to keep up with.  My idea of lifting weights is picking up the kids, especially the car seat.  I get enough cardio chasing after Kaylee, not to mention doing things like vacuuming the floor, picking up laundry, doing dishes…you get the idea.  If you want help kicking it up a notch, put on some music or wear one earbud of your MP3 player (so you can still hear the kids, of course), and dance around a little bit.  It’ll make you feel good.  And dance like no one’s watching of course!  Shake your booty!  Your kids will not only not care, but they’ll probably love it and dance around with you, and getting them exercising early is one of the best things you can do for your kids.  Lead by example, they say.

Which leads me to the next point:  Eat right.  You’re trying to feed your kids healthy foods anyway, right?  I’m not saying takeout is a sin, but don’t rely on it.  It’s cheaper to cook things at home anyway, right?  I try to limit fast food to one or two times a week, when you absolutely can not manage to cook something.  Your pediatrician will be proud of you.  **I will do my best to post some recipes and tips on how I manage to cook a decent dinner in very little time (and cheap, too).  Find some recipes that you can cook ahead or freeze, re-make the leftovers into something else, etc.


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