Adventures of Supermommy

March 4, 2010

The Beginning

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This blog started out as a joking text conversation between my friend Jenny and myself. I was telling her about my day and said something about being a SuperMom for the day and she said I needed a cape. Eventually, we decided that I needed a polka-dotted cape and costume complete with food stains and spit up on the shoulders.

In the real world, I am a stay at home mom with a 19 month old daughter and 3 week old newborn daughter. Juggling the two of them isn’t easy, but somehow I have managed to keep the two of them fed and alive without major injuries or insanity. I have a wonderful husband who helps me as much as possible (yes, daddy changes diapers). He will be known as my sidekick, Geekdad, whose mild-mannered alter-ego is the Labyrinthine Librarian. (his blog is

This blog will be not only my daily adventures with the two of them as well as me bragging on my babies, but my thoughts about parenting, venting my frustrations, and just my general take on the world.

Please note, I will be posting things in between chasing after my little ones, etc. So if there are typos or grammatical errors, cut me some slack. *grin*


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